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WelEssence™ Spray

Increase healthier and safer indoor areas with all natural ingredients.
Kills odor-causing bacteria, Retards Mold growth and the odors.
Cleans continuously 24 hours per day for 30 days.
Improves all currently used Periodic Cleaning Protocols.

All natural green plant based ingredients. FDA Registered kills Odors from Odor-causing Bacteria, Molds, Animal Odors, air pollutants. Skunk spray smell will be eliminated in a few hours when applied to whole area effected, Dog beds will stay Odor free for weeks. Kitchen counters in areas where Welessence spray is applied will be cleaned countinously 24/7 safe where food is served.

All natural green plant based ingredients. FDA registered kills odors from odor-causing bacteria, molds, animal odors and air pollutants.

Skunk sprayed areas odors will be eliminated in a few hours where sprayed. Dog beds stay odor free for weeks.

Kitchen counters are continuously cleaned and contamination is immediately being eradicated. Safe where food is manufactured or served.

Odors from Bacteria, Molds and other Odor sources are neutralized and removed.

When WelEssence Spray is applied it Kills Odor-causing bacteria >99% on surfaces in 2 hours in the surrounding air.
Then after microbes are extremely eradicated to very low levels it continues to Kill microbes for 3 months so they do not return to high numbers in the indoor areas treated.

Suggest re-spraying very lightly once per week for maximum protection.
WelEssence Spray is proven to kill (Bacteria and retard molds growth). By continuously eradicating the amount of Bacteria & molds viruses on surfaces and in the air indoors chances are much on staying healthy.

All certified lab testing reports all show high efficacy ( Kills/Eradication ) of all tested microbes including.

  • Kills Odors-Causing bacteria.
  • Retards molds and kills their Odors.
  • Recontaminated areas are being continously cleaned.
  • Safe on food contact & non food contact surfaces.
  • Keeps working for 30 days.
  • No scent added, all natural.
  • Available in 4oz, 32oz or 1 gallon sizes.

Applications Instructions

○ Uses spray bottles in homes, offices areas of medium size Training Centers and Multi-Purposed Facilities).
○ Shake well to mix Welessence before spraying.
○ Spray lightly on open walls, backsides of fabric furniture.
○ Do not spray on grass or silk or smooth dark surfaces since a slight white residue will show.
○ For larger areas use 1 gallon size to fill sprayers for reaching higher on walls and reduced time to apply.
○ Contact Ryerson innovative enterprises LLC for support information on application which improves all periodic cleaning protocols.

Spray Type

32 ounce of bottle sprayer.
Portable Spray: for autos and cars, curtains, textiles, clothes, carpets, couches, sports items and others.
→ Apply the spray lightly approximately 1 foot or less away from the target.
→ The amount will be 30~40㎛ applied when sprayed once.

Large Size (by using equipment)

Large Size (2-5 meters of spray distance): public, education, medical and social welfare facilities, companies (offices),accommodations, houses, and religious and commercial facilities-Spray to ceilings and walls at a distance of 2-5 meters by using an ultra fine particle smog sprayer (This applies to both the wel essence spray and wel essence coatings.)

Precautions before Use

Before spraying the product, shake well until egg shells mix into solution (due to the size difference, they settle while being stored). Do not spray the product directly to the face even as it is harmless to people or pets.. When the substance gets into your eyes, wash them with running water and see a doctor, if necessary.

Result of Testing Skin Irritation: Non-Irritating

1. skin sensitivity testing showed safe and non-irritating results.
2. The full report is available on home page lists of attached technical reports.


Hospitals (Emergency Rooms, Hallways, Wards, Medical Garments, Infected Areas and many other areas or items.)
○ Companies (Meeting Rooms, Restaurants, Dormitories, Training Centers and Multi-Purposed Facilities).
○ Schools and Private Institutions (Lecture Rooms, Cafeterias and Gyms)○ Hotels, Resort, Accommodations.
○ Travel Agencies (in Vehicles).
○ Broadcasters (Open Halls and Others).
○ Religious Facilities (Churches).
○ Highway Lounges and Restaurants.
○ Call Centers
○ Gyms, Fitness facilities
○ Military Facilities (Barracks, Restaurants, Warships, Bunkers and Others)
○ Social Welfare and Nursing Facilities (Nursing Homes and Senior Citizen Centers)
○ Subway Platforms and Inside Cars
○ Houses (Bed Rooms, Living Rooms, Bathrooms, Pet Cages)
○ Livestock Farm Sterilization and Odor Removal (Chickens, Pigs, Cows, and Others)

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